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Various Xair related Documents.
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  • Xair Pilots Operating Handbook
  • Falcon Pilots Operating Handbook
  • Xair UK Build Manual Text
  • Falcon UK Build Manual Text
  • Xair UK Mod Book
  • Setting the Falcon Ailerons/Flaps
  • Hawk Pilots Operators Manual
  • Hawk Aileron & Flap Setup
  • UK Xair Baggage Compartment mods
  • Xair Standard wiring diagram
  • Hawk Cockpit Placards
  • UK Hawk Service Bulleton WLACSB-H01
  • Hawk Wiring Diagram - Jabiru versions
  • Hawk Fuel System Diagram
  • Verner Engine Installation
  • Falcon Jabiru Engine Installation
  • Comms Battery Charge Circuit
  • Fitting an electric Booster fuel Pump
  • Xair Front Shock Modification
  • How to check fuel flow
  • Xair Main 13mm Batton Profile
  • Falcon Batton Profile 1
  • Xair Large 19mm Batton profile
  • Falcon Batton Profile 2
  • Hawk Wing batten profile (autocad drawing)
  • Hawk Wing batten profile (pdf printable multi A4)
  • Fitting Wheel Spats
  • Xair Seat Back Tube Mod

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