Model Jet Related Bit's

NEW range of bits for your Jet Aircraft, more to be uploaded shortly,
All prices are in Euro

Jetcat Starter Motor O Ring

4.95 each

Jetcat turbines Starter Motor O rings 12ODx6IDx3mm thick

These are not standard O rings but a Harder shore rating for this type of use.

Wren Starter Motor O Ring


Available shortly
Gear Door Hinge

4.95 per PK 10

Gear door hinges, exact same as brand names like BVM, Tamjets etc except 10 for the price of 2.

Each base is 15x12mm
& 28x15mm footprint as shown in pic.

Available in Black or White.

Door Hinge Small

1.75 per PK 10

Small & light weight gear door
type hinge, designed just to be
glued in place.

Each base is approx 10mmSq
& 26x10mm footprint as shown in pic..


Large Felt Clunk

5.95 each

Large size Felt clunk 20mm Diameter, ideal for fueling stations or large fuel tanks suitable for kero and Petrol.

Barb size to suit std 6mm Tygon etc.

Sintered Brass Cluck


These are great as a std fuel clunk or to build your own centre pickup UAT as the sintered brass stops bubbles.

Barb suits 6mm OD Tygon.

Ceramic Clunk

5.95 each

Hard Ceramic Porex clunk, much alternatice to the felt clunks for fuel tanks, suitable for kero and Petrol.

3.5mm Barb size to suit std Tygon etc.

Barb T Pieces

2.50 each

Barb T Pieces.

Two sizes of T Pieces to suit Tygon or festo polyurethane tube.

3mm size suits 4mm OD festo tube,
4mm size suits 6mm OD Tygon.

4mm Bulkhead

4.95 each

Bulkhead fitting with 4mm festo push fits on each end..

Fits into a 12mm hole.


Fuel Probe

7.50 each

Refuelling probe which is ideal for fitting on the end of 6mm OD tygon tube,
Male probe is 4mm so can be used with festo fittings or just pushed into tygon tube.
May also come in black.

6mm female to 4mm male

Tygon Fuel Filter


4.50 each

Short Blue Fuel filter.

Ideal filter for use with 3.2mm ID, (6mm OD) tygon tube due to the big barb ends.

We use it alot on the fuel tank fill line, on jet aircraft, as a final protection from keeping dirt out of the tanks.

Blue Anodised Finish.



Large Fuel Filter


8.50 each

Large Fuel filter.

Same style as supplied with
Jetcat turbines, except has a
sintered bronze filter element and a Nice Blue Anodised finish.

The Bronze filter is not effected by the fungus growth you get in kero which can put a film across mesh filters.

Designed to be used with 4mm festo tube.



Vent/Overflow Tank


Further Details

9.50 each

Vent/Overflow Tank.

A pre made up Vent/Overflow tank designed to be installed in the model to catch excess fluel when filling and preventing it dripping out the vent pipe when you carry the model.

Can also be used as an onboard taxi tank, very light only 30g fitted with kero bung and 4mm brass tubes to suit tygon.

Tank size 38x48x64h approx 3oz

Kero Tank Bung


1.75 each

Fuel Tank Bung suitable for Kerosene.

Holes are not punched fully through so can be used for two or three pipes.





Pump Heatshrink


Clear Heatshrink used to cover fuel pump to keep dirt out of motor as used on Jetcat, Hausl and other brands of pumps.

Sold in a 300mm length which is enough to do about 5 pumps


Pump Mount


Simple but very effective fuel pump mount.

Pump simply clamps into spring Clip and held in place with an O ring.


JetCat Power Lead

Jetcat Starter/Glow MPX Power Lead

Jetcat leads that fit from ECU to Turbine fitted with MPX plug/skt.

In some installation as on picture on left (click to make bigger) leads may need to be shorter or longer than supplied so custom lengths are available for neater installations.

The leads are made from a silicone wire that is a better quality and more flexible than type supplied by jetcat.
Any length can be supplied

JetCat Data Lead

JetCat Data/HDT Lead

Flat Black data lead with RJ12 plugs

Same as power lead on the left, this cable runs from ECU to turbine and tends to be the same length as the power lead when installed.

This lead also fits between the ECU & I/O board and also the Hand Data Terminal.

Any length can be supplied


50mm Velcro




5.95 for 500mm

50mm wide origional Velcro branded adhesive hook & loop tape.

If you want it to stick then you have to use the Genuine stuff.

There is a big difference in genuine Velcro Branded hook & loop than other cheap brands, when you use it you realise the difference.



Velcro Strapping

3.75 per meter

16mm wide Black velcro strap

This is velcro hook & loop bonded back to back, for securing and tieing items together.

Only when you start using this stuff you realise how great it is. We use it for securing batteries, ECU's (as in picture) & cables. Use it for securing stuff in your car, van, loads of uses.

16mm wide sold by the meter.


Wing Tip Skid

1.50 pk 2

Wing tip skids

Two types available, keeps the wing tips from getting scuffed on the tarmac.
The thin white one is approx 40mm long, the wide black one is approx 30mm long.

Pack of two


Canopy Catch

1.50 each

White plastic canopy catch than can either be glued or screwed in place.

30mm long 10mm high




Polyurethane Tube



4 & 6mm Clear Flexible Polyurethane tubing

As used for push fit festo type fittings, turbine fuel lines etc.

Sold by the metre 10M max in one length


Fod Guards


Turbine Mesh FOD Guard

Three sizes available (outside Dia)
90mm P60, Wren 54
98mm P70, M140, Cheetah
110mm P80/120/160


Gas Can Adapter


Adapter for your gas can, supplied with length of 4mm festo tube.


Fuel Dot/Filler Port


Fuselage mounting port for your fuel tank filler pipe.


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