Making Communications affordable


Intercom System designed especially for the Xair Hawk.

The headsets have right and left booms, this means the leads exit the headsets between the pilots and on to the interface behind the seats.

The interface box itself is located behind the pilots seat and all the leads are made up the correct length to the PTT button and the radio location on the dashboard.

All the cables are routed under the floor, so nothing is seen.
Details of how to modify the stick to allow fitting of the PTT button are shown in the instructions.
Headsets are easily hung up on the roof bars when not in use.


As the Xair system, headsets are avialable in colours to match the trim of the aircraft. e.g. Red/blue aircraft will have blue headsets.

Can also be done any colour required, normal colours are Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.

HawkTalk Kit comes with two headsets, Powered Radio Interface (which also has a power plug for your radio) and PTT button.




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