Glow Plugs

Glow Plug Ratings by Manufacturer
Firepower Glow Plugs
 Fire Power F2  Extra Cold  Max Flash M3  Cold
 Fire Power F3  Cool  Max Flash M4  Cool
 Fire Power F4  Cool  Max Flash M5  Medium
 Fire Power F5  Medium  Max Flash M6  Warm
 Fire Power F6  Warm  Max Flash M7  Hot
 Fire Power F7  Hot  Max Flash M8  Extra Hot
Enya Glow Plugs OS Glow Plugs
 Enya #6  Extra cold to Cool  OS A3  Medium to Warm
 Enya #5  Cool  OS #8  Warm
 Enya #4  Medium  OS A5  Cool
 Enya #3  Warm  OS R5  Cold
K & B Glow Plugs McCoy Glow Plugs
 K &B 1L  Medium to Warm  McCoy #9  Cool
Rossi Glow Plugs Nelson Glow Plugs
 Rossi #8  Cool  Nelson Cone Plug  Cool
Recommended Plugs by Engine
 4-Cycle Engine  Cool to Warm Plugs
 Top Performers Cool to Medium
(Saito, Thunder Tiger, YS...)
 Ducted Fan  Cool Plugs
 Sport Engines  Medium to Warm Plugs
 30 Size Helicopter  Warm to Hot Plugs
 60 Size Helicopter  Extra Cold to Cool Plugs
 Old Engines  Extra Hot Plugs
**Info provided courtesy of Wildcat fuels

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