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Buddy Systemô

The MicroCom Buddy System can be used in all aircraft.
The set consists of two headsets, powere radio interface & PTT button.

Normaly we fit the headsets with with left & right hand booms. The benifit of having opposite boom and lead inputs allows the cables to go between the pilots or to the outsides, which keeps things much neater.
Other brands tend to just offer left hand boom fitting.


Headsets are avialable in any colour, most common being, Red, Yelow, White, Blue and Green.
Colours tend to be choosen to match the trim of the aircraft. e.g. white aircraft with blue trim will have blue headsets. Just makes things that little bit smarter.

Buddy system Kit comes with two headsets, Powered Radio Interface to match your radio, and a PTT button & Lead

The majority of Buddy Systems we have made have been tailored to suit the aircraft thay are being fitted to.
This in regard to length of leads etc. Some aircraft require a short lead to the radio and long PTT leads etc. Additional PTT buttons have also been fitted.

Specific systems have now been made for:
Xair, Ikarus C42, Thruster TST/T300/T600, Savanah, Rans S4/S5/S6/S7, AX3/2000, Skyranger and Kitfox


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