Xair Hawk Accessories

Some must have extras to fit to your Aircraft.


Items can be bought easily online using If you do not already use this you can sign up to the service and pay by credit card.  Alternativily please email me (details on contacts page) for other payment methods, and best postal rates if buying multiple items.
Some items e.g. Lexan parts/towbars are normally made to order so may take a couple of weeks to delivery.

Prices are in EURO


Hawk BCAR Section 'S' Build Manual

A detailed construction manual written for BCAR Section 'S' compliance with colour photo's showing the complete construction of the aircraft.

Each manual contains information on the UK modifications, engine installation's, fuel system's, colour wiring diagram's, Placard templates etc.

A lot of time has went into writting this manual and it is supplied bound & printed on high resolution paper to make the photographs clear.


Jabiru      25.00



Rotax 912      25.00


Wing Tip Strobes

These strobe lights were made especially for the Hawk (Xair H), and economically priced.
To keep cost down they are not synchronised, but flash together for a time then alternativly, due to the random flash they aid visability.

The base is CNC cut specifically to fit on the Hawk wing tip. They also come with clip on Guards to help protect them while in the hanger.

Very easy to fit, Kit comes as a pair of tip strobes/wiring, Strobe Guards and control box.

currently not available


Control Column Gaiters & Fitting Kit

Make your aircraft stand out from the rest with these leather gaiters for the control columns.
Along with adding a bit of style they also prevent any small items from dropping into the floor below.

Available in Red, Blue, and Yellow. In both leather and simulated leather. Supplied with a CNC cut installation ring and fittings.
Price for a pair.

Leather 105.00
Synthetic 75.00


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Oil Level Access Hatch

Check the oil level without having to remove the bonnet,
by fitting this modification to the cowling top.

Comes as a CNC cut kit of parts.



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Gas Door Strut kit

Great addition to your Hawk Doors.

This Gas strut kit, opens the door for you, and also pulls it close.



Fresh Air Vents

Air Vents that can be added to the door or the windscreen.

A must for those hot days, and also needed for safety if fitted with cabin heat. Opened and Closed by turning a knob.

CNC cut available in 57mm or 79mm sizes designed to use standard instrument holesaws for cutting of fitting hole.
Sold as a pair with fittings & instructions.




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HawkTalk Intercom Set

MicroCom Intercom System designed especially for the Xair Hawk.

System consists of two MicroCom Buddy Headsets, powered Radio Interface & Aerial.
All made with correct lead lengths to fit perfectly in your Hawk Aircraft.

Available in different colours..

currently not available


Hawk Aerial

Aerial designed for the Xair Hawk (H model), fits under the bolt at the rear of the roof, and has correct length cable to reach the dashboard.

Also made to match colours of the aircraft, e.g. White/red/ Hawk will have a red aerial with a white tip, blue/yellow Hawk will have a yellow aerial with a blue tip etc.

Mention colour of aircraft on Paypal payment or email.



Nose Leg Gaiters

Rubber Gaiters that fit the Hawk noseleg and keep the dirt out of the slot and sliding section.

Kit is supplied with two gaiters and cable ties for retaining.



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Electric Carb Heat Kit

12v powered Carb Heat kit, that bolts onto the Bing carb body and prevents ice from forming.

Carb Ice is now becoming even more of an issue with more and more ethonol being added to our fuel.

Comes as a kit of parts with wiring, relay, switch and indicator LED. (912 kit shown)

Jabiru 2200 single carb or Rotax 912 dual carb.

Jabiru      125.00
Rotax 912 195.00


Hawk Jabiru & 912 Air Filter

Two types of Cone shape Air Filters that fit streight onto the Kit supplied Jabiru Air Filter adapter.

Same style as K&N but designed for maximum air flow.
Washable and can be oiled for very dusty enviroments, but not normally neccesary.

Two types available Short 70hx76w & Long 95hx86w.

Presently not available



8mm Barb Adapters

Brass adapters specially made to suit the 8mm drain fitting on the xair fuel tanks.
To suit 6mm (1/4") or 8mm (5/16") fuel pipe.

7.00 each
6mm (1/4") Pipe Version
8mm (5/16") Pipe version


Wing Fold Parts Kit

The Wings on the Hawk wing fold, however some simple modifications can be incorporated to make the job even easier.

These consist of tapered plugs for the strut and wing tube ends. Kit consists of 6 nylon ends.



Sail/fabric Repair Tape

50mm wide dacron fabric repair tape. Self adhesive back.

Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White & Grey, sold per 500mm

1.75 per 500mm (18").      Max length one piece is 3M



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