Fuel System Spares

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Please also email for rates if buying outside of Europe until I get different postal rates included in the items.

Prices are in EURO.

Lightweight Low Pressure Fuel Pump

12v Facet Low pressure fuel pump 1.5-4psi which is ideal for single carbs like on Jabiru's.

This pump runs much quieter than other pumps and is also very light compaired to the metal facet pumps.
Can be used for main or secondary/booster applications. Supplied with fuel inlet filter, 6 or 8mm 1/8npt barb fittings can be selected below.

49.00 each


Facet Metal Fuel Pump

12v Facet 40105 solid state 3 - 4.5psi fuel pump suitable for Rotax etc installations.

Can be used for main or secondary/booster applications.

Pipe fittings are 1/8npt so requires either two barbed 1/8npt pipe fittings or one barb pipe fitting plus one 1/8npt filter (see below).
A filter of some sort must be used between tank and pump.

49.00 each


6 & 8mm to 1/8NPT Pipe Fittings

1/8NPT Barbed pipe fittings as used on fuel pumps above.

Avaliable in to suit either 6mm ID or 8mm ID fuel hose.

2.25 each



1/8NPT Metal Fuel Filter

Metal fuel filter as used on Facet pumps fitted with 1/8npt thread.

4.50 each


Cone Air Filters

Two types of Cone shape Air Filters.
Short has a nominal carb fitting of 55mm and the Long version is 57mm. However both versions can be used on carbs from about 52-58mm.
Have been used on Rotax 503,582,912, Jabiru, Simonini, BMW

Same style as K&N but have been designed specifically for maximum air flow.
Washable and can be oiled for very dusty enviroments, but not normally neccesary.

Short 55idx70hx76w & Long 57idx95hx86w.

Presently not available


One Way/Check Valve

Aluminium One way Valve esential for bypass when fitting Secondary in-line electric pumps

19.00 each


Large Fuel Tap

Stong and positive fuel tap, fitted with barb ends to suit 6mm ID fuel pipe

15.00 each


Small Fuel Tap

Small lightweight fuel tap, fitted with barb ends to suit 6mm ID fuel pipe

Temp unavailable


6 & 8mm Metal 'T' Pieces

Metal 'T' piece for fuel line applications, alternative to plastic version.

Avaliable in to suit either 6mm ID or 8mm ID fuel hose.

5.50 each



Plastic 'T' Pieces

Ecomonmy Plastic 'T' piece suitable for fuel.

2.00 each


Push fit Tank outlet

Designed for plastic fuel tanks, these fittings are great for installing a fuel outlet or for fitting top and bottom and joining with a clear pipe as a site tube.
Simply drill a 12mm hole, fit the rubber bung and then push in the fitting, perfect seal everytime.

12.50 each


Curtis Drain Valve

Aircraft standard Curtis Drain Valve 1/8"NPT thread

19.95 each


8mm Barb Adapters

Brass adapters specially made to suit 8mm fuel tank drains normally found on Microlight Fuel tanks.
To suit 6mm (1/4") or 8mm (5/16") fuel pipe.

7.00 each
6mm (1/4") Pipe Version
8mm (5/16") Pipe version


Cleanable Fuel Filter

High Quality, Chrome and Glass fuel filter with a nylon mesh gauze.
6mm pipe fit.
Can be screwed apart for regular cleaning.

14.50 each


Nylon Mesh Fuel Filter

standard nylon mesh fuel filter.

Note filter colour may vary.

4.95 each


6mm ID Fuel pipe

Textile braided Fuel pipe with a 6mm inside bore.

5.50 per metre (select qty in paypal checkout)


8mm ID Fuel pipe

Fuel pipe suitable for all fuels including un leaded with a 8mm inside bore.
Normally used for fitting to tank outlets and at fuel pumps which have larger fittings than normal.

6.25 per metre (select qty in paypal checkout)

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