Ikarus C42 Accessories

More stuff for your C42 will be added soon.


Items can be bought easily online using If you do not already use this you can sign up to the service and pay by credit card.  Alternativily please email me (details on contacts page) for other payment methods, and best postal rates if buying multiple items.

Prices are in EURO


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Electric Carb Heat Kit

12v powered Carb Heat kit, that bolts onto the Bing carb body and prevents ice from forming.

Carb Ice is now becoming even more of an issue with more and more ethonol being added to our fuel.

Comes as a kit of parts with wiring, relay, switch and indicator LED. (912 kit shown)

Jabiru 2200 single carb or Rotax 912 dual carb.

Jabiru      125.00
Rotax 912 195.00



Jabiru & 912 Air Filter

Two types of Cone shape Air Filters that fit streight onto the Bing Carb.

Same style as K&N but designed for maximum air flow.
Washable and can be oiled for very dusty enviroments, but not normally neccesary.

Two types available Short 70hx76w & Long 95hx86w.

Presently not available



Sail/fabric Repair Tape

50mm wide dacron fabric repair tape. Self adhesive back.

Available in Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White & Grey, sold per 500mm

1.75 per 500mm (18").      Max length one piece is 3M



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