AG Electric Carb Heat Kit


Our Electric Carb Heat Kit for Jabiru & Rotax engines is now the preferred method of providing heat to the carb to prevent Ice forming.

The electric system has the advantage if working much quicker than conventional warm air ducting and much easier and neater to install.
The heat is also applied directly to the carb body rather than just passing through warm air which degrades engine performance.

Some customers have also found that in very cold climates, applying the heat to the carbs for a few minutes helps to make the engine start easier.

The AG Carb heat system is very efficent with a current draw of less than 3A per thermo strap.

The system consists of a thermoheater strap (two of on 912) which bolts onto the carb at the butterfly valve position where ice mainly forms.

The thermoheater is controlled through a relay and activated by a switch on the dashboard.
It is normally switched on for a period and switched off again, but can also be left on continuously in very prone conditions.

Picture on left below shows strap fitted to the carb body, picture on right is origional prototype fitted to a xair microlight and has worked faultless since 2004.

This carb heat kit is available to buy here

Wiring of the single (Jabiru) Electric Carb Heat kit is shown below,
Rotax 912 is the same except it has two thermostraps wired to the relay.



This carb heat kit is available to buy here


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