Rotax Engine Parts


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Rotax Electric Carb Heat Kit

12v powered thermoheater, that bolts onto the Bing carb body and prevents ice from forming.

Carb Ice is now becoming a much bigger issue with more and more ethonol being added to our fuel.

Comes as a kit of parts with wiring, relay, switch and indicator LED.

Also available for the jabiru single carb.

Jabiru      €125.00
Rotax 912 €195.00


Cone Air Filter

Two types of Cone shape Air Filters that fit streight onto the Bing Carb.

Same style as K&N but designed for maximum air flow.
Washable and can be oiled for very dusty enviroments, but not normally neccesary.

Two types available Short 70hx76w & Long 95hx86w.

Presently not available


VDO Oil Pressure Sender

Replacement VDO Oil Pressure sender as fitted as standard to Jabiru and Rotax 912 engines
Range 0 - 5bar limited stock at this price.



VDO Oil Temperture Sender

Replacement VDO Oil Temperture sender as fitted as standard to Jabiru and Rotax 912 engines
Range 0 - 150c. limited stock at this price

€10.00 each


Thermo Heat Protective/Electrical Screening tape

This is a very useful tape, which comes from the Model Jet scene and is used to protect surfaces from the heat of the Jet efflux which can be 300-600degC.

It is excellent for fireproofing oil pipes (see pic), petrol pipes and cables.

Also can be used for electrical screening to help cut down interference.

€4.95 for 10M Roll

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